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Featured Services

Harbor Tires is an automotive service center in Garden Grove, California that provides a wide range of maintenance and repair services for most vehicle makes and models. We do so much, we thought it'd be beneficial to feature our more popular services on one page. Keep reading to learn more about: brake repair, lube and oil change, wheel alignment, suspension service, and exhaust service.

Call (714) 539-1503 to schedule any appointment by phone, or stop in during business hours today.

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Brake Repair

Brake Repair in  Garden Grove, CA

Your car brakes have an important job. While a lot of drivers come to us because there's a problem with making their vehicle go, it's just as important if not more - to be able to stop. If you're having problems braking, schedule an inspection at our shop today.

Brake Service in Garden Grove

We provide a full range of brake system services, including:

As always, we provide our services at affordable prices and don’t like being beat. Never risk your safety or the safety of others on the road. Come in for a brake service today.

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Lube & Oil Change

Oil Change in Garden Grove, CA

When it's time for an oil change, make a quick stop at Harbor Tires. The oil in your vehicle is essential to its ability to run. Motor oil lubricates mechanical parts so they work together properly and don't damage one-another. 

Why Do I Need an Oil Change?

Did you know that you car’s oil:

  • Keeps All Engine Components Working Properly Together
  • Draws Heat Away from Vehicle’s Combustion Chamber, Lowering Engine Temperature
  • Prevents carbon and varnishes from building up in the engine

How Long Should I Go Between Oil Changes?

Check your owner's manual for recommended oil change intervals. Many modern vehicles will also alert you when you're running low. Every vehicle is different. Contact us, and we can help you find the right maintenance schedule for your make and model.

Synthetic Oil vs. Conventional Oil

When it's time for an oil change, a popular question is which type of oil is best. There are two major types of oil on the market: standard (conventional) and synthetic. Here's some quick info on each:

  • Synthetic Oil: Designed to handle extreme temperatures and lasts longer than conventional oil. It's a great choice for reducing engine wear and improving gas mileage on hard working engines.
  • Conventional Oil: Also known as standard oil or regular oil, conventional oil is derived from petroleum. It’s less expensive than synthetic oil and a good fit if you don't drive far very often.

If you think you need an oil change, schedule an appointment. Your car is counting on you.

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Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment in Garden Grove, CA

A wheel alignment reduces tire wear and straightens your vehicle, so you're not pulled to the left or right while driving. A wheel alignment is an important maintenance service that fixes the angle of your tires and wheels after pot holes and curb sides alter it.

An unaligned vehicle shows signs of its conditions. You should notice irregular tire wear or feel like your vehicle has a mind of its own as it begins to pull toward the left or right. Depending on what you drive, you'll need a two-wheel or four-wheel alignment. We provide both, so give us a visit if you need us. Many customers have already, and that's why alignments are one of our featured services.

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Suspension System Service

Suspension System Services in Garden Grove, CA

When your vehicle provides more bounce than a trampoline or starts pulling to the left or right like it has a mind of its own, it's time for a suspension service. Depending on what you're experiencing, the treatment will vary. It could be as simple as needing a wheel alignment or shock replacement. All we know is that rough rides, nose dives, and unintentional drifting are no fun.

Suspension System Services

We perform the following services that help with steering and suspension problems:

Call the pros at Harbor Tires when your car just isn't driving right anymore. You shouldn't have to struggle with your steering wheel - for your sake and the sake of others on the road.

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Exhaust System Repair

Exhaust Repair in Garden Grove, CA

Do you have an exhaust system leak or emission control problem? The exhaust system plays an important role in removing waste gasses but isn't impervious to damage. Some common exhaust problems include rust, decreased fuel efficiency, vibrations, and increased engine noise. At Harbor Tires, we fix them all.

Exhaust Services

Seek us out and schedule an appoint for any of the following services:

If you're having exhaust problems, contact our team today for a diagnostic.

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To schedule an appointment for any of our featured services, call us now at (714) 539-1503. Harbor Tires will be there when you need auto repairs in Garden Grove, CA, Anaheim, CA, Fountain Valley, CA, and the surrounding areas.

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